what we're doing 💁🏽

Supporting resilient, inclusive tech and maker communities that empower positive change.

our events

  • NodeSchoolYVR

    free self-directed in-person hosted workshops in which command-line workshoppers are used as curriculum and mentors help attendees work through the challenges.

  • Code & Coffee YVR

    sit down and code to your heart's content on whatever project you bring! Also a community stage for mostly new, sometimes experienced speakers.

  • PyLadies Vancouver

    a Python programming group for women in the Vancouver area. We welcome people who have never programmed before, experienced programmers, and everyone in between.

  • VanFP

    a broad functional programming gathering space for people of all levels and functional langauges.

  • VanPy

    we bring together Pythonistas from academic, web, science, data, visual effects and other backgrounds under one roof.

  • VanJS

    a meetup for web developers in downtown Vancouver, focused on JavaScript, front-end technology, and the open web.

our audience

come for the talks,
stay for the people.

  • 6 meetups
  • 12,000+ members
  • 1 community

Our audience is a diverse mix of interests. With 12000 members and counting, our responsibility to create healthy communities continues to grow. You're welcome to join us as an audience member, a sponsor, a venue partner, or even as a contributor. 🎉 What does that mean? Tweet at or DM any of us to find out.

The Unified Charter

We work to support meetups in their day to day operations and get new ones off the ground! 🚀